Sunglasses Shopping Tips for St. Valentie's

6 February 2017

There is still few days left to save money and buy sunglasses gift for St.Valentine's. On Glasses Time website you save big and shop conveniently without running around at boring stores.
Here are some tips to make your St. Valentine's sunglasses gift a success.

1. Buy Neutral
Unless your partner or loved one is very specific and you know her/him well, it's best to avoid loud colors such as red or orange when shopping for sunglasses gift.

2. Buy Special
Since St. Valentine's is a special holiday that stands for love and care, be open minded when it comes to brands and shapes of sunglasses. This year large shapes of woman sunglasses are in trend. Large square, large round and even oval. Men sunglasses also are getting larger. Round shapes became especially popular as of last year. Go for it!

3. Check stock to be sure. Sunglasses sell out fast during holidays. If you want to be sure to get your gift on time, send us a quick note to make sure your sunglasses of choice will make it on time. We also offer express shipping.